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Past Shows (That We Remember)



Line Up



04/1994 Teal Ritz Threshold  
08/23/1994 Sudsy Malone's Insomnia View
10/02/1994 Sudsy Malone's Boneyard Ritual View


03/05/1995 Sudsy Malone's Insomnia  
06/21/1995 The Blank Space Spodie, Nether Eye View
07/11/1995 Sudsy Malone's Spodie, Bloody Discharge, Nether Eye View
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11/28/1995 Sudsy Malone's Spodie, Nether Eye View
12/23/1995 Sudsy Malone's Spodie, The Syphilitics, The Qwickies, The Muzzies, Archie & The Pukes, The Socials, Cry Baby Killer, Snotboy 77  


01/01/1996 Wyoming Gym Ed Temple, The Essentials, Saturday Supercade, (others)  
01/12/1996 2615 Glendora Street Code 13, Praparation-H, Counterpoise  
03/03/1996 Sudsy Malone's Nether Eye, Ox Board Drain View
03/10/1996 121 Parker Street Spodie, Connie Dungs, The Twerps View
03/16/1996 2615 Glendora Ave. Spodie, The Syphilitics, The Geriatrix, The Rydells, The Sally Strugglers View
03/30/1996 10 Spring St, Athens, OH Spodie, The Crystal Methodists, Stupid America, The Swampmen View
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04/25/1996 The Smiling Skull, Athens, OH Spodie, The Crystal Methodists View
04/29/1996 Sudsy Malone's Spodie, The Muzzies, Skeene, The Socials, The Geriatrix, Damad  
05/19/1996 121 Parker Street Anti-Flag, I-Farm, The Twerps  
06/01/1996 Madisonville YMCA Elliot, Inquisition, Blangk, Ox Board Drain  
06/09/1996 Sudsy Malone's The Socials, Skeene, The Geriatrix, Tank 18, Das Kriminal  
06/1996 Lawrenceburg Speedway Spodie, (others)  
07/03/1996 Greensburg, IN Spodie, The Qwickies  
07/14/1996 2615 Glendora Ave. The Rydells, Mute-Ants View
08/03/1996 121 Parker Street The Slobs, Archie and the Pukes, Chinese Millionaires View
09/07/1996 Southgate House Spodie, Biscuit Head, Pistol Grey, Esoterics, Blind Nine, The Essentials, Snotboy 77, (others)  
09/30/1996 2615 Glendora Ave. Spodie, Captain Destiny & The Motor, The Connie Dungs, Sonic Dolls, The Slags View
11/02/1996 10 Spring Street, Athens, OH Stupid America, Snotboy, The Nimrods, The Geriatrix, Narco Clone View
12/01/1996 121 Parker Street Spodie, The Essentials View
12/13/1996 2314 Flora Ave. Praparation-H, Bitchkicker, The Essentials, Inept  
12/21/1996 The Open Mike, Cleveland, OH The Spasms, Stupid America View
12/23/1996 Sudy Malone's The Beauty's, Captain Destiny and the Motor Medics, Gojira, (others) View


05/30/1997 Berea, KY Spodie, Acid Space, Wonder Boy, The Dead Beats  
06/11/1997 Sudy Malone's The Slobs, The Long Gones, Archie and the Pukes View
06/28/1997 121 Parker Street Nether Eye, The Dastardlys View
08/15/1997 121 Parker Street Gob, Slacker, The Spits View
10/18/1997 American Legion Hall #123 Spodie, The Slobs, Boris The Sprinkler View
11/16/1997 Oxford, OH Pincushion  
12/05/1997 Top Cats Spodie, Rhythm and Bruise  


01/21/1998 Sudsy Malone's Nether Eye, Saturday Supercade View
02/1998 Maxi Pad - 2924 Euclid Ave. Chemo Kids, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp  
04/11/1998 Maxi Pad - 2924 Euclid Ave. The Scrubs, The Wops, Destination Detox View
08/06/1998 American Legion Hall #123 Spodie, The Twerps, Showcase Showdown View


05/21/1999 The Buzz Coffee House The, Scrubs, Short Millie, Pinewood Derby View
06/27/1999 Generations - Alexandria, KY The Scrubs, Midway, Dropkickmejesus  
10/30/1999 Vermont Ave. Scenes from the Next View
12/04/1999 The Ella-Net
Corporate Office Complex
Spodie, Drop-Kick-Me-Jesus  
12/19/1999 The Void The Slobs, The Scrubs, Chemo Kids  


03/04/2000 Southgate House Digger, St. October, Thistle, East Arcadia, Brand X View
05/22/2000 Company Tavern The Strike, No Good Heroes, Goatscrew View
06/2000 The Ella-Net
Corporate Office Complex
16 Piece Bucket, Hemline  
08/29/2000 Southgate House No Good Heroes, Dirt Bike Annie, The Proms View
12/16/2000 Sudsy Malone's Bad Captain, Let's Crash  


08/17/2001 Southgate House Saturday Supercade, Jackass View
08/25/2001 Sudsy Malone's The Slobs, No Good Heroes View
09/11/2001 The Warner House Scared of Chaka, The Opposed  
10/13/2001 2318 Chickasaw Ave. No Good Heroes, Zero Crag  
10/20/2001 The Void Saturday Supercade, Bottom Line, Phylum Idiota, Adopt-A-Hero  


05/23/2002 Southgate House Saturday Supercade, No Good Heroes, Covington, KDKO View
05/24/2002 The Warner House Lazy American Workers, Harley Quin, Sunday Network View
08/21/2002 The Void Danger Mice, Decieving Ralph, Doctor Up  


01/10/2003 Dayton, OH Lazy American Workers, Legbone  
01/11/2003 The Void Lazy American Workers, Legbone, The Broadside Beat View
03/28/2003 Sudsy Malone's 16 Piece Bucket, The Wankers  
06/11/2003 Southgate House Hypochondriacs, Hatsoff, The Opposed View
06/12/2003 BarrelHouse Brewing Co. Rat Fuel, Death in Graceland View
07/05/2003 BarrelHouse Brewing Co. Guard Rail  
09/11/2003 BarrelHouse Brewing Co. Death in Graceland , Brassknuckle Boys  


04/11/2009 Southgate House CincyPunk Fest VIII View
05/15/2009 WKRP Television Studios Friday Night Fu  
06/19/09 Southgate House Zero Boys, The Dopamines, The Hextalls View
06/25/09 Blue Rock Tavern Spodie, Thunder Power, Lights Out, The Alumni Club View


07/24/2010 Southgate House (Parlour) Swear Jar, Mala In Se, Shawn Abnoxious View
10/03/2010 Mayday Haulin' Oats  


12/29/2012 Southgate House Revival The Scrubs, The Essentials View